Welcome to AtProteome

The AtProteome database comprises the data of the high-density, organ-specific proteome map for Arabidopsis thaliana (Baerenfaller K. et al., Science, 2008 [Link]). In this website, all the information about the protein identifications is shown together with a proteogenomic mapping of the peptides onto the genome, together with links to other databases.

For finding a protein, click on "Protein Search" and enter the search arguments. These can either be an ATG number (first 9 characters without the splice information, e.g. AT2G39730), or a word from the annotation line (e.g. activase). One can also enter several ATG numbers or several search terms in parallel, separated with space, comma, or semicolon). In order to retrieve more information about the identification, click on the protein of interest. Please see the help file [link] to get more information and to get an introduction to the other features of the website.

In January 2011 pep2pro has become available at [pep2pro.ethz.ch], which represents an updated and expanded version of the AtProteome database. The datasets available there comprise amongst others the pep2pro TAIR9 wos dataset combining several large-scale organ-specific proteome maps (Baerenfaller et al., Integrative Biology, 2011 [Link]), a large-scale phosphoproteomics study (Reiland et al., Plant Physiology, 2009 [Link]) and a pollen proteome map (Grobei et al., Genome Research, 2009).